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Spiritual Formation

With Christ as our model, Spiritual Formation at Monarch Learning Academy is integrated throughout our curriculum and day-to-day activities. 

Students participate daily in a morning prayer and devotional, as well as a weekly Chapel service.  Elementary and Middle school students attend a weekly Bible class taught by our school pastor.  

We believe that prayer overcomes all obstacles. Prayer is the foundation for all we do at and through Monarch.  Our school was founded on prayer, faith and grace.  These qualities are reflected in our curriculum, activities, faculty, parents and alumni.  Our faculty asks God for his guidance in all daily activities with the children. Our success and growth is due directly to God’s will and provision, and we give Him all the glory.

Monarch Learning Academy's Statement of Faith is as follows:  

  • God directs and guides our school.  Monarch Learning Academy was created to be used by God to teach and direct students to learning harmony with God’s word.
  • We believe in one God who is loving, infinite, perfect, harmonious, ever-present and omniscient.  We believe in the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. We believe God created us in His image and likeness and we reflect Him.   
  • We believe the Bible is the divinely inspired Word of God in all that it affirms. It is our guide.  
  • We believe that Jesus Christ died as a sacrifice for our sins and that through faith in him as Lord and Savior we are declared righteous by God. 

Our Statement of Faith permeates Monarch’s entire environment.  Monarch Learning Academy’s faculty, Board of Directors and community are guided by these beliefs.  It is important that all families respect and appreciate these same core beliefs.