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Middle School

Middle School at Monarch is different, in the best of ways. 

Middle School is a time of intense cognitive and emotional growth. Students begin applying their knowledge and connecting it to the world around them. They have a desire to take action to see a change. Their emotions come to life in new ways. 

Monarch Middle:

  • develops and guides children to the realization of their God-given potential.
  • provides a program that is designed to foster the whole child in all areas of intellectual,
    cognitive, social, emotional, physical and spiritual growth.
  • offers small class sizes.
  • relies on hands-on projects and experiences to solidify and accelerate learning
  • employs seminar-style teaching, discussion and application.
  • encourages students to think critically, as well as creatively.
  • enlightens students with topics and subjects that cross disciplines to help connect
    academics to the real world.
  • provides highly supported and personalized transitional guidance from Middle School to High School. 

Monarch teaches students how to think critically as well as creatively, and how to express their thoughts with clarity and with passion. Topics and subjects cross disciplines to help connect academics to the real world.  Monarch graduates are thoughtful, articulate and compassionate and are eager and ready to go out into the world and meet its challenges.