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Service Learning

A core value at Monarch is the development of strong character, which emulates the example of Christ set before us in serving others.  What sets Monarch apart from similar schools is our commitment to local and global service learning. 

So strong is our commitment to service learning that we have a dedicated class called Monarch Serves, during which our students examine social issues, choose a cause which interests them, and create an action plan on how to best address the
issue. In the past, our students have successfully served local fire stations, created blessing bags for the homeless population, raised money for victims of natural distasters, and supported environmental causes such as Monarch butterfly habitat destruction. 

Monarch Serves:

  • spurs students to learn, develop and lead through active participation in thoughtful, organized service that meets the needs of our local and global community. 
  • helps foster civic responsibility.

In addition, Monarch Learning Academy students, parents and faculty have traveled to rural Guatemala each June for the past five years with Faith Project International to build wood-burning stoves for families, conduct vision clinics, facilitate Vacation Bible School programs, and donate supplies to local health providers. Our directors encourage all students to become involved throughout the entire process by raising support and awareness for our mission trips.

Further, our middle school students mentor younger students in literacy programs and event programming. We firmly believe that the friendship developed during this program will allow our preschool and elementary-aged students to transition into higher grade levels with self-confidence and enthusiasm.

“Our commitment to both local and global service is what sets us apart. Our children learn from an early age that they can truly change the world.”
--Marguerite McNeill, Director