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To help accomplish the goals of the school, Monarch Learning Academy is operated under the governing body of a Board of Directors which meets monthly.  The Board is composed of nine individuals -- parents, alumni, community members and Monarch's Director -- who serve on the Board without compensation.  Board members are dedicated to the promotion, success, and financial health of the school as they seek God’s will in their thought process and decisions.  

2023-2024 Board of Directors:

  • Marguerite McNeill, Director
  • Emily Blomquist, Chairman
  • Jenni Franz, Spiritual Adviser
  • Michael McKee, Finance Chair
  • Katharine Lentini, Fundraising Chair
  • Melissa Layton, Faculty Representative
  • Megan Steinmetz, Legal Adviser
  • Anna Ashie, Parent Representative
  • Grace Papia, Member at Large