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Physical Education

Our creative, out-of-the-box Physical Education program focuses on exposing students, from Preschool all the way up through Middle School, to as many sports and activities as possible so as to help them develop their God-given talents and interests.  Another essential goal of our program is to instill in our students a love for movement and physical fitness that will last a lifetime, as well as a firm understanding of why physical fitness is critical to our emotional, mental and spiritual health. 

Students practice motor skills through free play and a variety of individual movement patterns and cooperative games. Students also learn the benefits of a healthy lifestyle through exercise and healthy lifestyle choices. Importance of sportsmanship and fair play and learning to get along with each other is consistently reinforced.

Additionally, Monarch collaborates with both ACYS and First Touch Sports soccer programs. 

Below are scenes from this year's fun, innovative Physical Education program.