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Experience has taught us that a school is much more than a building. Monarch Learning Academy stretches beyond its walls, because ourChrist-centered faith and our committed people define us.  We believe that opening our arms widely to receive families from all religious backgrounds exemplifies His fearless and welcoming love. As a result, our community of students, families and teachers from all walks of life share one common goal:  to provide children with a loving environment that allows them the freedom to grow into themselves and the opportunity to excel in knowledge, strength, hope and faith.

At Monarch, freedom acts as a boundary. With our teachers’ careful guidance, children learn to handle freedom responsibly. Teachers facilitate active learning and student participation in lesson planning, self-evaluations and rewards systems. Students develop self-discipline and self-confidence within a framework that meets or exceeds state standards for academia, and also promotes character growth.

Monarch teachers apply Howard Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligences, understanding that children learn in a variety of ways. Small classes allow teachers time to listen to students and take into account individual learning styles. Visual, spatial, musical, and naturalistic experiences hold equal court with traditional analytical and linguistic activities. This learner-centered approach places the spotlight on student development and advancement instead of attempting to fit children into templates for the sake of convenience.

Our community values diversity, gleaning deeper knowledge of ourselves and others through our differences. We examine a variety of viewpoints, equipping our children for interaction with those who may see the world differently than they do. Diversity supports our children’s growth into socially responsible, emotionally mature citizens.

Ultimately, we are all made in God’s image. We apply our Christian faith not only through study, prayer and worship, but also by recognizing God’s love for each of us and acknowledging Him as creator of all people.