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Monarch Learning Academy offers a well-balanced educational experience that addresses the whole child, instilling in each student a passion for lifelong learning and a confidence in the ability to acheive personal and academic success.  Our integrated curriculm is based on H. Gardner's theory of Multiple Intelligences, which addresses the distinct learning styles and strengths of individual learners. 

The Preschool curriculum emphasizes social and emotional development within a larger context of cognitive, language, creative, spiritual and physical development.  At Monarch, we believe that laying a foundation for future learning is best accomplished with play-based education.  This includes constructing, designing, building, adding, balancing, selecting, discussing, observing, listening, questioning, experiencing, experimenting and participating. 

Our Elementary School incorporates and carries out Monarch's mission by stimulating creative thinking, motivating academic excellence, and instilling a lifelong desire to learn. Monarch's administration fosters collaboration among teachers to ensure that progress at each grade level builds upon the foundation set by preceding grade levels. Our program offers many opportunities for students to engage with the world based on their special interests, by addressing multiple learning styles.  Monarch's curriculum and faculty encourage enthusiasm and variety, a positive attitude toward school, and an awareness of the importance of identifying and serving a need in our homes, neighborhoods and community at large.

Monarch's Middle School is firmly commited to a positive, hands-on, service-oriented middle school experience.  Our program fosters the whole child in all areas of cognitive, social, emotional, physical and spiritual growth, developing and guiding children to the realization of their God-given potential.  Small class sizes allow students to flourish in a safe environment where discussion, projects, and service learning are greatly encouraged. 

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