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Monarch Learning Academy faculty members are passionate teachers and learners who know that the key to student learning is through engagement, not only with ideas but also with a hands-on, active process of learning. Monarch teachers strive to create an environment of trust in the classroom, understanding that students are successful when they know that a teacher cares about them as individuals.  Mutual respect is a defining quality of the relationships between teachers and children at Monarch Learning Academy.  Teachers are required to hold a college degree in the field of education or a field directly related to their teaching subject matter.

Monarch's distinguished director, Marguerite McNeill, has more than 35 years of experience in early childhood education, with 21 years in the role of director of a developmental private school.  Mrs. McNeill’s guidance and commitment to the growth of the whole child includes providing a supportive, encouraging environment that extends to the entire family.  Mrs. McNeill holds a master's degree from Florida State University.

Monarch Learning Academy's dedicated faculty is made up of the following:

  • Marguerite McNeill, Director
  • Murray Christiansen, Business Administrator/Human Resources
  • Tanya Balsanek, Dean of Students/Curriculum Resource
  • Olivia Puyana, Licensed School Psychologist
  • Allison Cobo, Office/Accounting
  • Renee Moore, Marketing
  • Bernice Kederick, Accountant
  • Josh Christiansen, School Pastor
  • Irene Scott, Toddlers Teacher
  • Christina Romero, Toddlers Aide
  • Angela Nielson- Toddlers Aide
  • Debra Brackin, 2-year-olds Teacher
  • Crystal Cuthbertson, 2-year-olds Aide
  • Laura Burchfield & Cynthia Okopski, 3-year-olds Teachers
  • Beth Ann Bayhi & Megan Bradshaw, 3-year-olds Aides
  • Tammy Hammond, Preschool Director Assistant 
  • Dolores Divita, 4-year-olds Teacher
  • Halley Jones, 4-year-olds Aide
  • Daphne Johnson, Floating Preschool Aide
  • Catherine Owen, Learning Garden Teacher
  • Lindsay Chamberlin & Brittany Abbott, Kindergarten Teachers
  • Jeanna Carlton, 1st Grade Teacher
  • Janine Looker, Kindergarten & 1st Grade Aide
  • Shelley Darrow & Vicki Daley, 2nd Grade Teachers
  • Beth Buchanan & Anne Santo, 3rd Grade Teachers
  • Ryanne Fry, 2nd & 3rd Grade Aide
  • Melanie Mulhausen & Ashley Swink, 4th Grade Teachers
  • Melissa Layton & Juli Textor, 5th Grade Teachers
  • Jessica Roberts, Middle School Language Arts
  • Marsha Hall, Middle School Math
  • Lori Sefick, Middle School Writing
  • Samantha Fischer, Middle School Science
  • Andrew Layton- 8th Grade Coding Teacher
  • Krissy Gerola- Middle School Yoga Instructor 
  • Sandra Gourash, Middle School History
  • Rose Duen, 8th Grade Homeroom Teacher
  • Melissa Jordan, 8th Grade Algebra 
  • Derrick Woods & Ellen Osborne, PE Teachers
  • Natalie Graham, Music Teacher
  • Renee Moore & Danette Fuller, Art Teachers
  • Stephanie Higghins & Murray Christiansen, Monarch Serves Teachers
  • Michelle Raupach, Cultural Awareness Teacher
  • Marjorie Bratt, Spanish Teacher
  • Extended Care Providers: Sue Schieffelin, Crystal Cuthbertson, Dolores Divita, Daphne Johnson, Ellen Osborne, Halley Jones, Jamie Wilson, Marissa Sefick
  • After Care Coordinator:  Danielle Lucci

The following information is required by the Department of Education.  All faculty members participate in a training program that details the Standards of Ethical Conduct required by faculty members in an educational setting.  Click here to view the Department of Education Standards of Ethical Conduct.